Rodi Water


What is ro/di water?
Well, to begin, ro and di are two different filters. Lets first talk about what an ro filer is. An ro filter is a machine that can filtered out all toxic chemicals out of tap water. It uses a pressured membrane to filtered the tap water of all the contaminants therefore producing clean, purified water.
Di filter or deionized water filter is basically a filter that removes all the ions from a substance. In this case the substance is water.
What is an ion?
Ions are molecules with an electric charge. Some examples of this in tap water are salt, sugar, potassium, ect.
Deionized water is mainly used for scientific labs, pharmacy, washing liquids and other commercial industry.

Therefore ro/di water is basically a combination of both. It produces water that has no toxic chemicals and no ions. It is an ultra pure water.

What is the purpose of having rodi water?
Ro/di water is usually produced for aquariums. Because it is an ultra pure water without any metals it is vital for the fishes to survived in. Having this pure water will also help the reefs in the aquariums thrive longer.

Many fishes and reefs can not survive in tap water due to the fact that it contains many chemicals which can affect the fishes’s health and well being. For example, chlorine in tap water can stress fishes and irritate their skin. Another serious element in tap water is phosphate. Excessive phosphate can cause a lot of algae to grow and worsen the environment of the fish tank.