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Before you can find out what ro water pH is, you must understand what pH actually is.
pH stands for potential hydrogen. pH is basically the measurement of hydrogen ions in a solution. (such as water)
Any solution with a large amount of hydrogen ions is considered to have a high pH level.
The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a solution is. Anything below seven is more acidic and anything higher is more basic.
Acid- is a substance that has more hyrdogen ions than hydroxide ions.
Base- is a substance that soaks up hyrdogen ions therefore leaving the hydroxide ions in the solution.

Ro water pH is between a 5.5 and 6.0. Ro water only filters out the alkalinity chemicals in the water leaving the acid gases in. Although it is only a small amount, it is enough to change the pH of the water to be more acidic. Ro water originally is a neutral pH of seven but because it doesn’t filter out acidic gases such as carbon dioxide, the pH in the water is more acidic. The more carbon dioxide there is, the lower the pH in the ro water.
Usually a ro water pH of anything higher than seven is considered hard water but have no health risks to humans. Hard water is basically just water that can corrode the ro water filter systems because of the large amount of magnesium and iron salt in the water.

So is ro water pH safe to drink?
Ro water with a ph of 5.5 or 6.0 is completely safe. The acidity itself is very weak and when combined with food and the saliva of your mouth, the ph is going to change before it actually enters your body. Because ro water pH have no other chemicals, even a small of amount of ph is considered to make the ro water more acidic. The same is true of the opposite, in order to make ro water back to a neutral pH level of seven, it would only take a small amount of solution base.

In conclusion, in all cases drinking ro water with a low pH have no effect on the overall pH of your body.
People actually drink acidic beverages all the time and just don’t notice it. For example, soda actually has a lower ph than most water and many healthy fruit juices also have a low ph level than ro water. This concludes that the acidic level of many solution is safe to consume as long as it’s not too acidic.

Here is a diagram of pH levels of solutions and how acidic beverages can affect your body:
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