Purified Water

Purifed water is water that has been cleanse or purified from all toxic chemicals. The purification of water is also known as desalination. Some examples of purification of water are reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization. Most purified water is usually purified through some type of filtration machine.

Different types of Water
Distilled water is water that has been stripped of its contaminants. It doesn’t only filters out the horrible toxins but also important minerals that are crucial for the human body. This type of water is what you would call pure H2O. So how is it filtered? Well, as the water boils, the steam is captured and cooled. All the chemicals and toxins as well as minerals are basically boiled out of the water leaving only pure steam. This is distilled water. This type of water is not healthy to drink as it is flavorless and flat.
What is it used for?
Although it is not the best water from drinking many people found it useful in other devices where mineral build-up will cause problems. Most distilled water are used on small appliances and machines.

Alkaline Water
Alkaline water is ionized water, which is water that is processed through a electrical current usually from a facet-based tool or appliance. This type of water has a greater ph than most water and because of the higher ph the water is also more acidic. It is believed that alkaline water helps the body neutralizes acid in the blood and contains antioxidants from the electrons in the water. The purpose of alkaline water is to create water that not only taste good but also have good health benefits. Most alkaline appliances have the ability to adjust the acid or ph of the water for different purposes. For example very acidic water can be used for household disinfecting where as water with a more neutral ph can be used to drink with medications.
Here are some health benefits of alkaline water:
-Helps fight tooth decay
-Prevents bone loss
-Gives a good ph balance in the body
-acts as an antioxidant
-cancer and most illnesses cannot survive in a alkaline environment
-Enhances your immune systems