Deionized Water Vs Distilled Water


How is it made?
Deionized water is an ultra pure water made using a filtration system consisting of a cation resin and anion resins. Each resin in the filtration tank have either a positive or negative charge which helps attracts the impurities in the water.

Distilled water is produced using a steam filtration. The water sits in a large boiling chamber and as the steam rises it is colleted into a storage tank to be filtered again. What is left is all the toxic chemicals at the bottom.

Can You Drink it?
Deionized water is not toxic but has no benefical nutrients for the human body. Although it is considered safe and pure it is not recommended to be used as drinking water.

Distilled water is pure water which have been stripped of it’s natural minerals. It is safe to consume but because of the lack of minerals it is not the ideal water to be drinking for best health.

pH levels of Deionized water and Distilled Water?
Deionized water has a pH of 7.
Distilled water has a pH of 6.

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